Let's celebrate your comfort everyday!

My journey started over a year ago, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Having gone through numerous hospital tests, operations, chemotherapy (still ongoing) and radiotherapy, I found myself cherishing small things that could make my life a little bit easier, more comfortable, and healthier.
My name is Ana. I am 38 years old and I am married to my wonderful husband, with whom I have one beautiful 9-year old boy. I am originally from Romania but having lived in the UK and Ireland for a few years, we chose to settle in the beautiful countryside of France where the pace and quality of life is nearly perfect. I have enjoyed sewing since I was a little girl, when I enjoyed making my own doll clothes as well as my own clothes and accessories. 
During the daily routine of hospital trips to chemotherapy and radiotherapy clinic I have found that with so many of the important decisions effectively beyond your control, taking charge of the small things is important.  And amongst those, comfort is the most important.  And frankly, if you can have something that makes you look good too, why not?  Then your day of treatments can become just a little bit brighter.
My products won’t cure cancer (I wish!), but they may make you feel better while you wear them and fight cancer with all your strength.  And perhaps be admired too!  Who doesn’t like a compliment at a time like this?

My goal? COMFORT - a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint!

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